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… and tea drinker

Hello, I'm Jessie King.

The Admin Hatch was founded by me in January 2019. In May 2018 my long-term partner and I welcomed our baby boy into the world. I knew I still wanted to work towards my career, but I also knew I wanted to play an active role in my son's life. That's when I came up with the idea to open The Admin Hatch. I had been in administrative and managerial roles for over a decade, and I knew so many businesses could benefit from my knowledge and skills. 

Last year I completed my Bachelor of Business, double majoring in Human Resources and Marketing at the University of Tasmania. With my degree and also my extensive experience in high-level roles, I'm ready to show businesses how to become contemporary organisations by levelling up their human resources, marketing and finances. 

Marketing is more than just creating a website and posting on social media. It's about strategically thinking about your ideal client, niche and the transformation your business provides. You'll then be able to market with purpose and convert your audience into loyal clients. By thinking strategically about your marketing, your ideal clients will be lining up to work with you and spreading positive word of mouth to anyone and everyone. 

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Now that we're in 2022, it's time we communicate with a contemporary and innovative approach. In today's climate, marketing strategies should assist brands achieve organisational strategic objectives and outcomes, and play a key role in raising brand awareness, increasing customer value and empoweing both internal and external stakeholders.

Designing and implementing marketing strategies for a wide variety of clients including allied health professionals, legal firms, construction firms, hairdressers and more.

Gathering employee feedback for multiple clients and leveraging data to drive continuous improvement of all communication efforts.

Providing communication tools and resources to clients to support their marketing efforts.

Assisting clients with organisational restructure, redundancies, change initiatives, reward and recognition programs, training and development plans and reshaping values and culture.

Implementing human resource systems for clients including the recruitment process and policies and procedures.

Managing four employees on a day-to-day basis to achieve KPIs, support clients with ease, all while supporting the values of The Admin Hatch.

Strategically posting to Instagram to attract our ideal clients and portray the value we offered.

Continuously updating our website.

Virtual reception support for allied health professionals, including coordinating workshops and training programs and managing the CRM process.

Halaxy setups.

All human resource management and internal communications associated with Cordwell Lane split into two separate entities (Lane Group and Cordwell Built). This included all associated redundancies, promotions, and transfers of over forty full-time employees. This process included designing, developing, and delivering all communication efforts across the entire organisation and continuously consulting senior management. I managed and maintained strong relationships with all key external stakeholders throughout this process. Major adjustments were being made, and I needed to strategically focus on ways to maintain both internal and external alignment so that the new organisational structures could remain trading and competitive.

Set up all internal systems for Cordwell Built in March 2018 for the commencement of business and continuously communicated with all stakeholders.

Project management for Dominic College ($13 + million project for Stages 1and 2) including subcontractor management, resource management, contract management and budget management. I was responsible for all variations, communication between the architects and Cordwell Built, site communication and progress communication. 

Assistant project management for all other projects running alongside Dominic College. This included tracking job costings, remaining on budget and communicating the timeline with clients and expectations with teams.

Attended site meetings, architect meetings, client meetings and internal meetings and managed agendas, minutes and outcomes of the meetings.

Within this role, I was responsible for coordinating and supporting the daily operations of the Business Services division and supporting the administration of the Integrated Management System (IMS). This included supporting the auditing processes, document control, subcontractor registrations, general systems support and IT and phone management. Being a Systems and Business Services Administrator provided me with the opportunity to understand the backend systems of a large organisation and introduced me to the civil industry, which I later used to transfer to the construction industry.

Within my role at Gunson Williams, I assisted solicitors in the preparation and filing of legal documents, investigated queries and presented options/solutions that met the lawyers’ and clients’ needs. I have a great understanding of workplace law, civil law and contract law by working for some incredible solicitors including David Gunson, Timothy Williams and Marica Duvnjak. My decision to leave Gunson Williams was made when they announced they would be closing due to Mr Gunson entering retirement. Timothy Williams later became a client of The Admin Hatch for six months when his secretary went on maternity leave.

My first role in administration and where I quickly realised I wanted to achieve greatness within an organisation. I loved being Receptionist, but I knew I wanted to work my way up the ladder and eventually follow my career in human resources and/or communications.

Undertaking this role, along with all other roles listed above, has enabled me to view organisations from various perspectives. I understand the backend systems and the mechanics of how an organisation needs to run. I also can quickly determine the mode and medium a particular type of communication requires to be able to strategically deliver the message. Working closely with directors of organisations has also allowed me to see what they need from their employees to build a sustainable and profitable organisation.

Impeccable written and verbal communication skills with the ability to adapt my communication style to the audience and/or situation. This avoids any miscommunication and provides me with opportunities to actively listen to understand others' perspectives and manage any internal conflicts effectively.

The ability to think critically and analytically to exercise sound judgment and engage in high-impact decision-making. My critical thinking skills enable me to justify actions related to marketing decisions such as strategy, mode and medium.

My interpersonal skills are of a high level allowing me to establish credibility and trust with stakeholders quickly. This enables me to balance the obligation to be an advocate for both the organisation and its stakeholders. Relationships are an important component to be able to thrive together.

Modern leadership skills with the ability to strategically and tactfully influence elements of the marketing goals to all levels within the organisation. I also can forecast the need for changes and foster a healthy work environment.

Ready to lead a modern organisation that makes a positive difference?

Organisations need to understand exactly who their ideal client is and the value they provide within their niche and/or industry, so they can stand out from their competitors. Working with clients who are the right fit improves overall satisfaction and increases profitability. 

Likewise, business owners need to enjoy what they're doing to avoid business fatigue. By having an integrated marketing strategy, business owners can feel at ease knowing they have plans in place to move forward in business and continue doing more of what they enjoy the most.

My Favorite Things

cups of tea




cold milos

My core values:

Transparency. Loyalty. Reliability. Autonomy. Communication. Relationship. Knowledge. 

what I'm not about:

I don't believe in the hustling mentality to grow your business. The hustling mentality can leave you feeling exhausted, stressed and can really put a dark cloud around your creativity and passion for your business.

meet the rest of the team

Olivia Adams

Administration Specialist

Meet Olivia (“Liv”) 🐥

⏰ Started with The Admin Hatch in October 2021.

👩🏼‍🎓 Studying towards her psychology degree at the University of Tasmania.

⌛ Works approximately 25 hours per week and is an absolute administrative superstar!

🥳 Liv is the life of the office with her quick wit humour and devotion to making everyone's business lives easier. Liv started out as a Receptionist, and quickly worked her way to Administration Specialist, enjoying a few pay rises along the way.

⭐ In other words, Liv is a key member of our team and we'd be lost without her forward-thinking and impeccable problem-solving skills.

Niamh Ramsay

Emerging Administration Specialist

Meet Niamh 🐥

🐣 Niamh is our very first trainee, studying Certificate III in Business – and is proving to be a natural within the administrative sector.

🙏🏼 As soon as Niamh sat down in the interview chair, we knew immediately we needed her to join TAH team.

🥳 Kind, warm, reliable, positive, and communicative are just some of Niamh's qualities that make her a star in this role.

⏰ Niamh is in the office full-time and is nearly always the first in the office (and often the last to leave).

⭐ We'd be lost without Niamh and so grateful to have found her among the two-hundred people who applied for this position.



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