Business Development Specialist

… and tea drinker

Hello, I'm Jessie.

The Admin Hatch was founded by me in January 2019. In May 2018 my long-term partner and I welcomed our baby boy into the world. I knew I still wanted to work towards my career, but I also knew I wanted to play an active role in my son's life. That's when I came up with the idea to open The Admin Hatch. I had been in administrative and managieral roles for over a decade, and I knew so many businesses could benefit from my knowledge and skills. 

This year I completed my Bachelor of Business, double majoring in Human Resources and Marketing at the University of Tasmania. With my degree and also my extensive experience in high-level roles, I'm ready to show businesses how to become contemporary organisations by levelling up their human resources, marketing and finances. 

I believe employees should feel excited to go to work. They spend so much of their time in their jobs, it's important they feel empowered within diverse and inclusive workplaces. This will boost productivity, increase engagement and improve overall job satisfaction. Employees who are engaged and productive boost profitability and increase client satisfaction. It's a win-win! 

Marketing is more than just creating a website and posting on social media. It's about strategically thinking about your ideal client, niche and the transformation your business provides. You'll then be able to market with purpose and convert your audience into loyal clients. By thinking strategically about your marketing, your ideal clients will be lining up to work with you and spreading positive word of mouth to anyone and everyone. 

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Ready to lead a modern organisation that makes a positive difference?

Organisations need to employ and retain a highly skilled and talented workforce to retain its competitive advantage. When a work environment fulfulls employees' personal characteristics, needs and values, their job satisfaction will be higher, leading to highly engaged employees.

Likewise, organisations need to understand exactly who their ideal client is and the value they provide within their niche and/or industry, so they can stand out from their competitors. Working with clients who are the right fit improves overall satisfaction and increases profitability. 

My Favorite Things

cups of tea




cold milos

My core values:

Transparency. Loyalty. Reliability. Autonomy. Communication. Relationship. Knowledge. 

what I'm not about:

I don't believe in the hustling mentality to grow your business. The hustling mentality can leave you feeling exhausted, stressed and can really put a dark cloud around your creativity and passion for your business.

"Hey, I want to..."

level up my human resources

I'm ready to create an environment that my team adores, so that we can retain talent and boost productivity.

level up my marketing

I'm ready to nail our marketing strategy, so that we can create experiences that our clients rave about.

level up my finances

I'm ready to understand my numbers, so that we can strategically increase our profitability.

meet the team

Jessie King


Jessie is an administration expert and business guru who is passionate about systems, workflows and helping businesses get organised. 

Some words to describe Jessie include detail lover, number cruncher, high achiever, pro-organiser, systems creator, black thumb and cup of tea loving mum. 

Whew, that's a mouthful. In a nutshell, she's all about helping business owners get their time back by taking care of their daily tasks so they can make money and grow.

Laura Cosgrove

Business Services Administrator

Laura has been with The Admin Hatch from the very beginning and is a power house when it comes to completing administrative tasks!

Having been in administrative roles for the past 10 years, Laura is passionate about her role as Business Services Administrator. She's a whiz at data entry and accounts administration and enjoys helping businesses achieve calm and structure.

Her clients benefit from her OCD levels of organisational skills, a genuine passion for all things administration and her enthusiasm to get her hands dirty and get tasks done.

Zhoe Davies

Personal Assistant + Office Administrator

Zhoe has exceptional organisation skills and assists with our day-to-day activities to ensure our processes and functions run smoothly and efficiently.

Zhoe's positive attitude, tact and discretion are some of her biggest strengths and enable her to continuously flourish in her role as Personal Assistant.

She's an absolute natural in the administration and support services industry, with the ability to achieve all her daily targets and outcomes.


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