7 Benefits of Having an Organised Inbox

There are so many benefits of having an organised inbox. Zhoe discusses the main seven below. 

1. Reduces email clutter
This allows you to decide which emails need responses or actioning and which ones need to be deleted. Email clutter will be eliminated by using different folders for different tasks.

2. Reduces stress
Ensuring the mailbox is cleared regularly will help decrease stress levels. It will not feel as overwhelming because the only emails left in the inbox will be the ones that need responses or actioning.

3. Organises workload
Using different folders ensures all emails are filed away neatly. It allows them to be categorised correctly and to be easily retrieved if required for future reference.

4. Avoids double handling of emails
It is important to file all emails once the email/task has been completed. It reduces the risk of having multiple people working on the same email/task.

5. Important tasks are not lost or forgotten
Actioning emails promptly ensures the task is not forgotten or lost. Ensuring the email has been filed allows you to remember that particular task has been actioned.

6. Improves email availability
Deleting emails that are no longer needed will ensure the business system runs smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. It reduces the risk of having issues with sending and/or receiving emails.

7. Lowers the risk of indecisiveness
Clearing emails enables you to see which emails are important and which ones can be deleted. By only keeping the important emails, it allows you to focus on what tasks need actioning which will allow clearer decision-making. 

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– Zhoe

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